A is for… Alternative and Complimentary Medicine

20 Nov

This is a bit of a minefield and I’m not going to dish out any advice as don’t want to give you any wrong info. All I would say is check with your oncologist before you use any alternative or complimentary medicine, vitamin and mineral supplements and even aromatherapy agents.

For example, I was given some lovely lavender bath oil as a de-stressing pressie, but was then told that it can mimic oestrogen and encourage the tumour to grow. I was also given some echinacea and ginseng to boost my immune system, but the concern with this is that it can protect cancer cells from chemotherapy. Ditto with St John’s Wort. I never took it – but was advised that it can reduce the effect of chemotherapy by up to 50%.

So best to check before you take any vitamins or natural remedies. You can then make an informed decision as to whether the benefits outweigh the risks.

Alternative Medicine Cancer

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